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Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news –


Important Dates for 2019 and 2020 At Melbourne Budokai

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Below are some information regarding the training dates and New Year’s Eve keiko at Kenshikan.


———- Forwarded message ———

Dear VKR member,

The last 2019 and first 2020 training dates for each art at Melbourne Budokai is as follows:

Kendo – Last training session Sunday 22nd of December 2019 and first Sunday 5th of January 2020.
Iaido – Last training session Thursday 19th of December 2019 and first Tuesday 7th of January 2020.
Naginata – Last training session Saturday 21st of December 2019 and first Saturday 11th of January 2020.

For Kendoka wishing to train between the above dates, Kenshikan will be open for “casual” training during the normal training times.

New Year’s Eve Kendo Keiko

Also, there will be New Year’s Eve Kendo Keiko on the 31st of December to farewell 2019 and to usher in 2020. The dojo will open at 10:30pm and then training will start before a small pause just before midnight to allow the participants to usher in 2020, and then training will continue for about 45 minutes or so.

After training has concluded, participants are welcome to remain to have a bite to eat and drinks as per last year….or should I say this year? Therefore people attending this event are requested to bring food, drinks, dessert to share with everyone.

Please note NO ALCOHOL will be allowed on the premises, either in the dojo or in the car park.

We hope you can make it!

Kind regards,

Paul Bserani
President Melbourne Budokai

Monash University Kendo Club

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