Latest MUKC and VKR news (25-01-2020)

Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news – 

No keiko on 27 Jan, Monday

Hi all,

There won’t be any training on Monday, 27th of January 2020. Due to the Australia Day holiday. Please take note!
(Monash Sports is only open from 1-6 pm on that day.)


Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: VKR 2020 AGM

Hi all,

The VKR AGM will be held on 1pm, Sunday, 23rd of February 2020 at Kenshikan. Please follow the instructions in the forwarded message below if you would like to nominate someone for a position in the VKR or as an auditor for the AGM.

  • Nominations for a position in the VKR executive committee or club delegate should be sent to the VKR before 1pm, Sunday 16th of February 2020.
  • Nominations for an auditor should be sent to the VKR before Friday, 24th of January 2020.
  • All nominations should be sent to the VKR secretary ( ).

The committee has decided that Toney Evans will be the club delegate, as it is the role held by club Presidents in the past. Please let the committee know, via email, Facebook, or in person, if you would like to nominate a different club delegate or if you have any questions regarding the nomination procedure for the VKR’s AGM.


———- Forwarded message ———

Hi All;

The VKR AGM will be held starting at 1:00pm on Sunday, 23rd of February, 2020 at the Kenshikan Dojo, 91 Roslyn Street, West Melbourne. All members are encouraged to attend.

The nomination form is attached for both VKR executive committee positions and club delegate committee positions. While club delegate positions have not been nominated at recent AGMs, it is a requirement of the VKR Rules of Association that each club nominate a delegate who is thereby a voting member of the VKR Committee of Management (CoM). Current financial members of the VKR can be nominated for any of the executive positions or for a club delegate position but not both. Nominations must be received by me, the Secretary, before 1:00pm on Sunday, 16th of February, 2020. Nominations need to be signed by two nominators and acceptance of the position is to be signed by the nominee. Nominations are preferably sent by email, but post is also acceptable. While it is preferable that nominated club delegates attend the VKR AGM, it is not necessary if the nomination form has been completed correctly.

The VKR appoints an auditor to audit the VKR financial records each year. That auditor is to be appointed at the AGM. If anyone wishes to nominate an auditor, please notify me, the Secretary, before close of business on Friday 24th of January so that I can circulate the nomination in enough time to allow VKR members to consider the nomination before the AGM. If no new auditor is nominated, the Executive will likely nominate the previous auditor for a vote by those attending the AGM.

Kind regards


Pete Mawhinney
Victorian Kendo Renmei

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: AKC 2020 – Call for Volunteers

Hi all

If you are able to volunteer, please fill out the Google Spreadsheet called “2020 AKC Volunteer Roster” by yourself (Mony – see previous post for link). No need to let a committee member know.


Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: 2020 Kyoto Enbu Taikai

FILE – Application_Form_Kyoto_Taikai_2020 (xls)
FILE – Details of the 116th All Japan Kendo Enbu Taikai 2020 (pdf) 
FILE – Hannaryz Arena(Kyoto City Gym) & Kyoto City Budo Center (pdf)

Hi all,

The deadline for the AKR to receive registrations is the 5:00 pm, Friday, 7th of February 2020. Please send your application forms to

There are some additional attachments in this email that were missing in the previous one. Please have a read if you are interested in the taikai.


Monash University Kendo Club

Dear AKR members,

If you intend to attend the 2020 Kyoto Enbu Taikai, please send your application form to AKR at AKR will collate all individual applications and send them to AJKF.

Please note that the application deadline from AKR to AJKF is 12th February 2020.

Kind regards,
Sioh-Yang Tan
Incoming Secretary
Australian Kendo Renmei

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