Latest MUKC and VKR news (01-02-2020)

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Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news –


Fwd: 45th AKC Info Pack and Rules – For Release to States/Territories

FILE – Kendo Board – 2020 AKC Competition Rules v1.0 (pdf)
FILE – 2020_AKC_Melbourne Info Pack v3.2 (Jan 2020) (pdf)

Hi all,

Below are some information about the 2020 AKC. Please have a read if you are interested.


———- Forwarded message ———
Dear All,

The Victorian Kendo Renmei (VKR), as host of this year’s Australian Kendo Championships, invites States and Territories to submit registrations for the event.
Information regarding the event and the process for registration is outlined in the attached information pack. The Competition Rules are also attached as a separate document.
All registrations must be made by the relevant State/Territory team coordinator.
Questions regarding the event should also be directed to the organising committee.
For further information and announcements as we approach the event please refer to the AKC Facebook page:
The VKR looks forward to seeing you all in Melbourne!

Michael Dunn
AKC 2020 Organising Committee Chair
VKR Vice-President
[email protected]
0438 745 735

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: Coronavirus Advisory

Hi all,

Please have a read through as this concerns the health of other club members. If you meet any of the criteria below, please refrain from training for at least 2 weeks.

Please ask away if you have any questions.


———- Forwarded message ———

Dear all,

As many of you would now know, there has been an outbreak of a novel (new) coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) starting in Wuhan City (Hubei Province, China) in late 2019. Knowledge is increasing about this infection over time. The following information is currently believed to be accurate,

The infection presents as a fever or history of fever (≥38°C) and acute respiratory infection (shortness of breath, cough or sore throat).
The incubation period appears to be a maximum of 14 days.
The potential for human to human transmission is moderately high.
It appears that transmission is possible from up to 1 day prior to symptom onset until recovery.
The current evidence is that the case fatality rate is quite high at about 4% of persons infected.

We would recommend that AKR members or visitors who meet the following criteria consider not attending training, to protect your friends and training partners, until the incubation period of 14 days is passed without symptoms.

Anyone who has been in China (including Hong Kong) in the last 14 days.
Anyone who has travelled to an area with evidence of human to human transmission, or a declared outbreak, within the last 14 days.
Anyone who has had close contact with a confirmed case of 2019-nCoV within the last 14 days.

Anyone who meets the above criteria and has evidence of fever or an acute respiratory infection is urged to follow their state public health unit recommendations and present to an appropriate medical practitioner or health facility for assessment.

The links below have more up-to-date information from the Australian Government Department of Health:

With thanks to Dr Kevin Humphries of Queensland Kendo Renmei.


Stylianos (Stilts) Polichroniadis
Australian Kendo Renmei Inc.
Post: 11 Princess Street
Coburg North, VIC 3058
Email: [email protected]

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