Latest MUKC and VKR news (09-02-2020)

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Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news.


Coronavirus Advisory Update

Mony – See this post for more info.

Hi all,

There has been a change in the criteria and “Mainland China” no longer includes Hongkong, but now includes anyone who has transited through the country.

Please take care of your health everyone!


Monash University Kendo Club


AKC Registration Process for Victorians (Competitors, Shinpans, Officials and Seminar Attendees)

Hi all,

Below are some information about the 2020 AKC. Please have a read through if you’re participating, shinpan-ing or volunteering!


Dear all,

Please read the information below regarding registration for this year’s Australian Kendo Championships in Melbourne as either a competitor, shinpan, official or seminar attendee.


All Victorian competitors are required to register and pay directly via the AKC online registration website:

You must include the correct seeding (ranking) based on the selection results as advised by the Victorian Coaching Team. Please contact the Victorian Team Manager (Andrea Ngai) if you are unsure of your seeding.

If you also intend to attend the seminar, please register and pay at the time of registration.

All 4-Dan (and above) competitors are expected to make themselves available for Shinpan duties for events in which they are not competing. Please indicate your availability via the registration process.

Registrations and payments are due by 14 February 2020.

In the situation where Victoria’s allocation in the draw is exceeded, the VKR will issue refunds directly to those competitors that cannot attend.

Important dates:

  1. Victorian team seeding released: 3-4 February 2020
  2. Registrations and payments due: 14 February 2020
  3. Competitor placement confirmed by AKR/Kendo Board: 6 March 2020

Non-competing Shinpans, Officials and Seminar Attendees

All non-competing shinpans, coaches, officials and seminar attendees must register via the AKC online registration website:

If you have already registered as an individual competitor, you do not need to register again.

Registrations and payments are due by 14 February 2020.


More volunteers are required for all days of the tournament and the grading/seminar.

The AKC cannot be run without the support of volunteers from all Victorian clubs and the VKR expects all Victorian clubs to support this event through providing volunteers.

Volunteers should sign-up at the following link: Volunteer Roster

If you have any questions regarding the registration process please contact Michael Dunn (

The VKR thanks you for your support.

Monash University Kendo Club


VKR Team Selection

Hi all,

The results of the VKR selection trials have been announced and the results are in the table below.
Congrats to (list below) for being selected for the teams!!!! Good luck!

Trent Reeve
Kaori Dimovski
Hoey Yein Goh
Toney Evans
Anusha Yellapragada
Noriko Matsumoto



The VKR Teams Selection Trials were held at the Kenshikan yesterday. The following Teams will represent Victoria at the 45th Australian Kendo Championships:

In no particular order,

Men’s Dan Team
– Richard T’en
– Takayuki Suzuki
– Thomas Mendelovits
– Trent Reeve
– James O’Neill
– Takeshi Hartono
– Jeffrey Khor

Women’s Dan Team
– Julie Tran
– Vivian Thang
– Kaori Dimovski
– Liliana Bray
– Yaya Bonggotgetsakul
– Rebecca Creamer
– Hoey Yein Goh

Men’s Kyu Team
– Alejandro Pastore
– Danny Nguyen
– Aaron Vo
– Duke Passi
– Toney Evans
– Jordan Le
– Kenny Yang

Women’s Kyu Team
– Isabel Trinh
– Nicky Lieu
– Nicole Saccardo
– Anusha Yellapragada

Kata Pairs
– Noriko Matsumoto & Kevin Chin

Congratulations to those selected, and to the Coaches, Team management and all Squad members for their efforts over the past few months and their performances yesterday.

Many thanks to all who assisted on the day; Selectors, shinpan, court officials and general helpers all worked hard to make the day run very smoothly.

I’m sure all VKR members will join me in wishing our Teams the very best for the Championships.

“Victory Through Commitment!!”

Yakov Macak
Chair, VKTC

Monash University Kendo Club


WAKR: Otake Sensei – Iaido & Jodo Seminar, March 2020

Hi all,

There will be a seminar held in Perth by WAKR from the 21st to 23rd March 2020. If you would like to attend, please have a read of the details below.


———- Forwarded message ———

Hi All,

Otake Sensei (Jodo 8th Dan Kyoshi, Iaido 7th Dan Kyoshi) will be visiting Perth in March.

The WAKR will be holding a 3 day seminar (1 day Iaido and 2 days Jodo) from the 21st March to the 23rd march 2020. It is open to all AKR Iaido and Jodo members and any FIK affiliate members.

· LeisureFit Melville
Corner Canning Highway & Stock Road

· Iaido – Friday 21st March from 0900 till 1600
· Jodo – Saturday 22nd March from 0900 till 1600
· Jodo – Sunday 23rd March from 0900 till 1500

There will NOT be any Shinsa available!

· All three days: $150
· Iaido only (1 day): $60
· Jodo only (2 days): $120

Fees are to be paid into the WAKR bank account at BSB: 036082 Account: 294691


All registrations are to be sent direct to me at

RSVP with the following details:
· Your Name
· Your State Renmei & Club name (if not from the WAKR)
· Which days you will be attending
· Your grades in both Iaido and/or Jodo
· The amount and date that you make your payment into the WAKR bank account

There may be a possibility of home stays for interstate attendees (and those from outside Perth), but this is not guaranteed.

Can you please pass this on to your members.

Kind regards,

Russell Lawrence

AKR Iaido Board Chairman
WAKR State Treasurer
General Manager – Willow Pond
0403 150 264

Monash University Kendo Club


2020 Nagae Taikai – Saturday 14 March

FILE – 2020 Nagae Taikai poster-r (pdf)


Hi all,

The Nagae Taikai, which is held in commemoration of Nagae Sensei, will be held on the 14th of March 2020, Saturday. Entry are for 2nd to 5th Dan members and is free.
Please have a read of the information below if you are interested.



Dear AKR members,

The Nagae Taikai was established in June 2008 in memory of Nagae Sensei who passed away in November 2011.

Mr Sumitaka Nagae, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, was an important figure in Australian Kendo for many years. His hard work and dedication has helped to promote Kendo and Japanese Culture throughout Australia. He was the head Kendo sensei at Melbourne Budokai since it first came into life in June 1990 until he and Mrs Nagae returned to Japan in 2008.


The 2020 Nagae Taikai is an individuals based taikai for senior Kendoka. Kendoka who are graded between 2nd Dan and 5th Dan, and are a current AKR member are invited to register.

Registration must be made prior to the taikai by sending an email to by Sunday,1 March 2020. No other method will be accepted. Please include your current grade when registering.

No entries after this deadline will be accepted and numbers may be limited.

Entry to the taikai is free.


We would like to humbly request the assistance of Kendoka 4th Dan or above (including those who will compete) to assist with shinpaning.

Shinpans will be required to wear the standard shinpan uniform (taken from the FIK shinpan regulations):

1. A plain, dark blue jacket,
2. A plain, grey pair of trousers,
3. A plain, white shirt,
4. A plain, deep red neck tie,
5. A plain, dark blue pair of socks/stockings.

Competitors who will be shinpaning will be required to change into the above uniform where time permits. Otherwise, gi and hakama are acceptable.

If you are available to help as a shinpan, please reply to this email.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards
Kristine Ventura
Secretary Melbourne Budokai

Monash University Kendo Club

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