Latest MUKC and VKR news (18-03-2020)

Hey guys,

Here is the latest MUKC and VKR news.


Mon, 16 Mar, 11:03

Hi all,

Training for the next two weeks have been CANCELLED. (Including today’s)

The cancellation will commence from Monday, 16th March 2020 to 29th March 2020. The committee will continue to monitor the situation and depending on the state of COVID-19, will announce if we start again or further extend the period.

The committee are quite saddened by having to miss out training, but we hope everyone will understand and support this decision.

When everyone is back, we’ll be starting with 100*3 koshiwari! So prepare yourselves \(^▽^)/


Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: Closure of the Kenshikan Dojo

Hi all,

Kenshikan has also been closed for the next month. The committee recommends everyone don’t mix in with large crowds and do suburi and practice kata at home, instead of joining another club’s training.


———- Forwarded message ———

Dear VKR clubs,

After reviewing the coronavirus situation and its potential impacts on our community, the MBK committee has decided to close the dojo for a month. This closure will commence from Monday, 16 March 2020 to and including Monday, 13 April 2020. During this time, the MBK committee will continue to monitor the situation and depending on developments with the virus, we will make decisions regarding reopening or extending this closure period.

During this closure, there will be no activities held at Kenshikan, either run by MBK or any other parties.

The MBK committee, like you, are disappointed with the closure of the dojo. However, we hope that you will understand and support the decision, particularly due to the current situation our community is in.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to answer them as best as we can.

Wishing you all the very best.

Paul Bserani
President Melbourne Budokai

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: Communications with AJKF

Hi all,

Apologies for the large series of emails these past few days. It should hopefully be decreasing soon.


———- Forwarded message ———

Dear members,

I understand that there may be some confusion for those of you who have applied for the Kyoto Enbu Taikai and gradings in Japan.

Hopefully this email will help to resolve some of this confusion.

To date there has been no official communication from Japan notifying the AKR of any cancellation of any of these events. This may change.

Please reply to the email sent out by Sioh-Yang regarding your intention to attend any of these event(s).

The AKR will notify the AJKF of revised numbers of members attending these events, and will notify you of any changes once official communication is received from the AJKF.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE AJKF INDIVIDUALLY. They are usually very busy and current events will have most likely increased their workload. Please maintain standard communication protocols (i.e. Members à Club à State/Territory à AKR à AJKF/FIK), unless otherwise instructed.

Please note that this is for AJKF/FIK events only (i.e. 6-dan and above gradings, Shogo Gradings/Exams, and Kyoto Enbu Taikai).

I understand the need to be informed and the AKR will definitely keep you up-to-date as information comes in.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Stylianos (Stilts) Polichroniadis
Australian Kendo Renmei Inc.
Post: 11 Princess Street
Coburg North, VIC 3058

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: Reminder to confirm participation in upcoming international Kendo, Iaido and Jodo events

———- Forwarded message ———

To AKR members who have registered and/or paid for upcoming international events including Kyoto Enbu Taikai, gradings and Kitamoto Foreign Kendo Leaders Summer Seminar,

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on international travel, the AKR would like to ask you to confirm if you are

going ahead with your travel and participation plans;
cancelling; or
In the latter cases of (2) and (3), AKR will attempt to seek refund or rollover of your paid fees to the next time the event is held. Although there is no guarantee, we will present our urgent case and seek understanding of the organisers. Please inform us as soon as possible of your decision by emailing cc before COB Wednesday 18th March 2020. Please include your name, event name and dates, and payment made if any in the email.

Kind regards,
Sioh-Yang Tan
Incoming Secretary
Australian Kendo Renmei

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: Important Notice re 2020 AKCs and COVID-19

Sun, 15 Mar, 18:35
Hi all,

This is a follow-up by the VKR about the email from the AKR from before.
As mentioned below, we hope that everyone remain patient and calm as this was a very hard decision to come pass.


———- Forwarded message ———

Sun, 15 Mar, 18:35
Hi All,

Further to the recent email regarding cancellation of the AKC 2020, all AKC fees have now been refunded via the original method of payment. You should see the refund on your credit or debit card statement within 10 days. If you have not received your payment by Friday 27 March please contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Michael Dunn
VKR Vice-President
Chair, AKC Organising Committee


Sat, 14 Mar, 23:18
Hi All;

In the interests of everyone’s health and safety in light of the COVID-19 situation, at an emergency meeting of the AKR including the AKR executive, the Australian Kendo Board, representatives from all states and territories, the AKC organising committee and a medical representative it was decided to cancel the 2020 AKCs. That is inclusive of the AKC seminar and grading.

Many factors have been carefully considered in coming to this decision which obviously has a significant impact on the national kendo community.

All AKC fees (competition, dinner, lunches and seminar) will be refunded by the VKR via the original method of payment. Clubs who have submitted grading applications will be contacted directly regarding refund of grading fees.

We request that you please be patient as all involved parties work through this very significant decision.

VKR Executive

Monash University Kendo Club


Fwd: URGENT: VKR March gradings, all arts

———- Forwarded message ———

Dear all,

Following from recent announcements, the VKR, VKTC and VIJTC have discussed and decided to cancel all March gradings. We will review the feasibility of events scheduled later in the year going ahead.

Your understanding and support during this time is greatly appreciated. Again, please keep well and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Kind regards,

Cyntheia Lim
Victorian Kendo Renmei

Monash University Kendo Club

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