MUKC online session 27-05-2020

FILE – Monash-Uni-Kendo-Club-Virtual-session-2020 (docx)


Hi everyone,

Noriko Matsumoto sensei will lead tonight (27 May’s) session. It will be about the objective of Bokuto Kihon . kihon 1, the objectives of Nihon kendo Kata and Nihon kendo Kata 1pon-me.

She has also requested if time permits, that you read the attached document and watch the following videos before the session: Bokuto-ni-yoru Kendo Kihon-waza keiko-ho Kihon 1 and Nihon Kendo Kata 1. The links to the videos are in the document.

To access the session on Google Meet – 
(Mony – privacy details removed)

Apologies for the short notice and thank you for your cooperation!

MUKC committee

Monash University Kendo Club

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