Update to today’s online training session

Hi all,

Tonight (Wednesday, 15 July) we will have a physical training session instead of the usual lecture-ish content. SO PLEASE WARM UP BEFOREHAND! Below is the training plan, make sure you have enough room to do suburi and stay safe. See y’all soon!

1. Normal kihon

  • Men x5
  • Kote x5
  • Dou x5
  • Repeat 3x

2. Small cuts attacks

  • Men x5 – focus on not shifting weight before launching.
  • Men x5 – seme then cut
  • Men x5 – seme then cut (change maai in terms of pause or depth compared to previous set)

3. Kote x5 – seme

4. Uchikomi –

  • Five cuts men x2
  • Men, kote, dou, kote men, kote dou, men x2

5. Warm down

Remember to complete the club’s consent and waiver form before participating in any online sessions:
– Adult form: [pdr*]
– Child form: [pdr*]
If you have any questions, please email or send the club a message on Facebook.


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