MUKC AGM 2020 Results

AGM results

[Mony – Please check your email for related documents]

Hi all,

We finished our AGM a few days ago. And I’m pleased to announce our new committee for 2020-2021. We hope to have a good time again this year!

  • President – Toney Evans
  • Vice-President – Hoey Yein Goh
  • Treasurer – Chai Lam Loi
  • Secretary – Samuel Ethan Gan
  • General Member – Kaori Dimovski

The President’s report, Treasurer’s report and Minutes of the meeting have been attached in this email for your perusal.

Future of the club
As mentioned in the AGM, the committee is looking for your input in the direction the club will take over the next three years.

Some things to consider:

  • Club affiliation with TeamMonash requires at least 70% of our member base to be Monash students. (We do not currently meet this requirement)
  • Our club is registered as a competitive club with Monash, meaning the club must participate in taikais.
  • Budget constraints due to no beginner intake this year (and possibly a smaller intake next year). The direction the club takes will impact how the committee allocates funds for events.

Please send us your thoughts and we will take them into consideration when we discuss this topic with sensei. (Please send them in by the 12th September 2020)

If you’re lost on how to give your thoughts, an example response could be:

  • “I think the club should focus on recruitment and retention of members. To do this we should hold more social events because I think being social attracts people and encourages them to stay”
  • “I think the club should focus on competing at all taikai and achieving the best results we can at all competitions. To do this we should try to recruit more athletic people”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know 🙂

Thy new committee

Monash University Kendo Club

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