Weekly MUKC update – Mid-sem break 2

Member satisfaction survey

As mentioned in the AGM email sent out 2 months ago, we’re looking for your input to help us improve and move forward! We created a survey to gauge member satisfaction with how the club is run, what got you into Kendo, etc.
All your answers will be kept confidential, and we take all answers seriously.
Click here to access the survey.


New VKR recommendations for face masks

The VKR has released new recommendations for face masks after consulting with VicSport:

  • Face masks to be used during face to face training without full bogu.
  • Full face shields and face masks combination to be used when we return to training in full bogu.


VKR’s face shield bulk order

On that note, the VKR is looking to do 2 face shield bulk orders. The face shields will be sourced from here.

  • Order 1 deadline: 8th October, 11:59pm
  • Order 2 deadline: 29th October, 11:59pm

If you’d like to hop on, please head on over to the Unione store and purchase there. (The face shields will be on the store from Tuesday, 29th October onwards) You can get the face shields when we meet in-person on campus again!

(Click on the Store Page button on the menu on the right side) If you’re having trouble, please send us an email or shoot one of the committee members a message.


Compilation video about MUKC

Toney is still working on the compilation video and any extra clips you share would be awesome to have! (i.e. Shiais, social events, etc)


Links to the online sessions for Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October.

Monday 28 September – Kendo Training, 6pm
(Google Meet) [pdr]
Meeting Code: [pdr]
How to access Google Meet – https://apps.google.com/meet/how-it-works/

Tuesday 29 September – Social Workout, 6pm
(Zoom) [pdr]
Meeting ID: [pdr]
Meeting Password: [pdr]

Wednesday 30 September – Kendo Training, 6pm
(Google Meet) [pdr]
Meeting Code: [pdr]

Remember to complete the club’s consent and waiver form before participating in any online sessions:
Adult form: [pdr]
Child form: [pdr]


Some cool stuff

Kaori-sensei has started posting on the club’s social media accounts!! The posts are awesome, come have a look.


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, feel free to let us know!
If the formatting does not work on your device, please let us know so we can fix it in the next email 🙂

Some links:

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