HOMEWORK – Due 18th Oct (also summary of other things covered in yesterday’s keiko)

Hi everyone

In yesterday’s [07/10/2020] training session, Kimura sensei gave us all some homework to tackle. For those of you who could not attend and those who attended but missed half of what the task was, the below details will help –

HOMEWORK – For all MUKC members to complete. Parents, it might be a good exercise to work out the answers with your kids (Google will help too!)

Please write down what points you should focus on/concentrate on when you’re performing the following poses or movements –

  1. Chudan no kamae
  2. Single time shomen
  3. Single time kote
  4. Single time dou
  5. Renzoku (double time) shomen
  6. Renzoku sayumen
  7. Hayasuburi

Please submit your answers to sensei’s email – nitokimura@gmail.com by Sunday 18th October 2020.

Other than the homework, sensei also mentioned that we should check out youtube videos of karate kata to see if we can pick out the point at which tenouchi is applied (clue: it is usually at the end of the punches/kicks). Think about the parallels of karate tenouchi and kendo tenouchi and how it is applied in kendo.

Fun fact – In karate, punches are known as “zuki”, such that a punch to the mid section of the body is known as “chudan-zuki”. The kanji for “zuki” is the same as the one for “tsuki” (突き, to “thrust” or “stab”), which in kendo, refers to the action of thrusting the shinai at someone’s throat.

The last thing we covered in yesterday’s keiko was the topic of visualisation and how it can be helpful to employ visualisation in practicing kendo during this time out of the dojo. Of course, visualisation would be beneficial in practicing kendo while we are able to train in the dojo as well. If you did a Google Scholar search, you’ll find that research has shown that a number of skills, from physical sporting ability to soft skills such as confidence, can be improved through the practice of visualisation.

I couldn’t pull up any pdfs of the original article written by Alan Richardson about visualisation use in sports (specifically, basketball) that sensei mentioned, but I did find a link to a book on the topic that has a pretty extensive Google Book free preview – Imagery in Sports and Physical Performance By Anees A. Sheikh. Have a read through if you’re interested.


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