Weekly MUKC update – Week 10 (19-10-2020)


Kids class starting TODAY!

Matsumoto-sensei is starting up the kids class for those under 16. Starting from TODAY onwards. It will be running on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-6pm. If you have any questions about this, please reply to this email or contact any committee member.

(Google Meet) https://meet.google.com/cds-dzhd-ggq
Meeting Code: [ pdr ]
How to access Google Meet – https://apps.google.com/meet/how-it-works/

Please warmup before the start of the training!!!


MUKENxGwangju seminar

Last week MUKEN invited everyone to attend a seminar held by them and Gwangju online. Yano-sensei has shared his Powerpoint presentation from his seminar that day with us!! (Attached in this email)
Please do not share the slides with anyone outside of MUKC!

Yano-sensei also shared his response to someone on a question about the “toraeru” concept:
“It is 捉えるin kanji and we are already doing it in the process of striking. It is just that this was not conceptualised here much. The result of a successful Seme is a creation of an opening but you must detect/acknowledge that opening intuitively to make your strike successful, in my understanding this process is “ 捉える”.
I would say this is where your intuition comes in as it happens in a sprit second. In 8th dan grading, there are a few segments where one of the senseis is clearly going through this step and delivering his Suriage Men and Kaeshi Do. You can tell this because it looks so obvious that he knew how the opponent would respond to his seme and he was using the opponent’s response.”

Here are links to the videos he played in the slides.
剣道 八段 審査 2次審査 1発合格
宮崎正裕の面技 Miyazaki – Men ippons


VKR Rules Review

A few days ago, the VKR announced that they started a process to review and update the VKR’s Rules of Association (i.e. the VKR ‘Constitution’).

They intend to update the rules to reflect the current requirements under the Victorian legislation and to ensure the VKR rules reflect the intention and purpose of the VKR as an organization and requirements of its members.

To this end, an informal working group is being arranged to review and propose updates to the Rules of Associations. They are keen to form a group that accurately represents the member base of the VKR, so if you would like to be involved, please email Michael Dunn (Vicepresident@kendovictoria.asn.au) by 25th October.

If you would like more info, you can find it in the email sent out a few days ago regarding this titled “VKR Rules Review – Working Group”.


Japanese language class

Around the start of the year, Junji-sensei offered those keen a chance to learn Japanese under him, sadly it was cancelled before it could even start… Luckily he’s planning to start it virtually!
This Friday, 23rd October at 6:30pm, he will be offering a free 60 minute basic Japanese lesson via Zoom.
Please note that you MUST be over 18 years old to join and this class will be a very basic Japanese session.
Sign up here https://form.jotform.com/202832764377058

A note from Junji-sensei:
Please note this is not endorsed by any budo associations. It is purely as a token of my appreciation to those who enjoy/study Japanese culture. The fact that many enjoy the Japanese culture, that is an absolutely honourable thing for me as a Japanese. I would like to assist their Japanese language study/interests.

It’s Grand Final Weekend, yet I look forward to seeing many Japan-lovers who are sober enough.”


Japanese Film Festival 2020

The Japanese Film Festival is going online for 2020 with a 100% free selection of films streaming in Australia and New Zealand from 4-13 December. Sign up to the JFF newsletter to be the first to know when the full program is revealed.

The full program will be announced on 6 November.


Member satisfaction survey for current and past members

We’re looking for your input to help the club improve and move forward! We created a survey to gauge member satisfaction with how the club is run, what got you into Kendo, etc.
All your answers will be kept confidential, and we take all answers seriously.
Click here to help fill in the survey.

We’ve also made a survey for past members to take. If you know someone who no longer practices Kendo and used to be part of our club, please share this with them!! https://forms.gle/k8JPm9FiGQYj2Uzw6.
Thank you so much for filling in and sharing the survey!


VKR’s face shield bulk order no. 2!

You should know about VKR’s new face shield recommendations, they will be doing a large bulk order. Their face shields will be sourced from here.
If you’d like to hop on the order train, please head on over to the Unione store and place an order by 29th October, 11:59pm.

(Click on the Store Page button on the menu on the right side) If you’re having trouble, please send us an email or shoot one of the committee members a message.


Compilation video about MUKC

Toney is working on the compilation video and any extra clips you share would be awesome to have! (i.e. Shiais, social events, etc)


Links to the online sessions for Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October.

Monday 19 October

Tuesday 20 October

Wednesday 21 October

Remember to complete the club’s consent and waiver form before participating in any online sessions:
Adult form: [ pdr ]
Child form: [ pdr ]

How to access Google Meet


Some cool facts

Did you know that the modern day shinai is called the Yotsuwari shinai (developed in the 1800s) and its ancestor is called the Fukuro shinai?
In fact men used to be made of iron and kendo-gu was made of bamboo!!
(You can still get modern Do made of bamboo, though they’re more expensive than plastic ones)

Source: FIK’s Brief history of Kendo


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, feel free to let us know!
If the formatting does not work on your device, please let us know so we can fix it in the next email 🙂

Some links:
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