2021 AKC: summary of meeting on 25th October 2020

Hi all,

Below is a summary of a meeting held about 2021 AKC. In summary, the 2021 AKC will be cancelled 🙁

Please read through the summary below for a clearer picture about the situation.


Monash University Kendo Club


Dear National Council delegates,
AKR has met with representatives from the Kendo Board and the host of the 2021 AKC  (VKR) on 25th October to discuss the 2021 AKC.

A. Four options were proposed for consideration at the meeting:

1. Proceed with AKC at Easter time 2021 in Victoria
2. Proceed with AKC at Easter time 2021 in another State/Territory
3. Postpone AKC to later in 2021 – consider participation in AMG and UniSport Nationals
4. Cancel the 2021 AKC and hold next one in 2022

Those present at the meeting considered the public health, operational and financial risks associated with various options, including the following:

1. It is unlikely that we are able to hold AKC in Victoria in Easter 2021 due to the current COVID-19 situation.
2. Many states or territories may still have “closed borders” policies at that time, which requires travellers to commit to a 14-days quarantine.
3. It is unlikely that we would be able to hold AKC in another state or territory at that time, due to restrictions on large gatherings, and the likelihood of reduced attendance hence significant financial loss to the host.
4. Postponing the AKC to the later half of 2021 may still run into the above issues and clash with other major scheduled events such as UniSports Nationals Division 1 and Australian Masters Games.

Considering the above, those present agreed that cancellation of the 2021 event was the most viable option. A decision was made to cancel the AKC in 2021.

B. Impacts and follow-up actions:

1. Financial loss
Cancellation of the 2021 AKC will incur the following financial losses:
MSAC Deposit: $5000
Tenugui purchase: $2662
Online transaction fees: $590
Total loss: $8252
The VKR will negotiate with MSAC to seek to recover the deposit of $5000, but at this point we are assuming that the deposit is not recoverable. AKR will bear the total financial loss.

2. Interstate events in place of the national championship in 2021
We expect that border restrictions may ease at different pace between different states and territories in the coming months. The AKR recognises the significance of interstate competitions and seminars in keeping members motivated as well as sustaining Kendo standards and development in general. To limit impacts to Kendo members’ motivation, AKR will encourage inter-State/Territory competitions between states with mutually open borders in 2021. AKR to consider how to provide support (e.g. provision of medals, financial assistance?)

3. Changes to AKC 2022 and beyond
There may be possible changes to the dates and format of AKC.* The following changes were discussed:
– to move away from Easter (savings for members and event budget)
Competition format
– to consider COVID impacts to membership and/or attendance – may need to review format of team events
– to consider having the championships with or without seminar and grading
Event management
– to move to a national organising committee (rather than relying on States and Territories)
– the 2022 event to be held in Victoria

– A committee to be formed to discuss future AKCs – Affiliates to nominate members to be on the committee post National Council meeting. The committee will aim to decide on a 2022 date ASAP and book venue.

Kind regards,
Sioh-Yang Tan
Australian Kendo Renmei
E: [email protected]
W: www.kendoaustralia.asn.au

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