VKR Newsletter (Dec 2020)

VKR Newsletter December 2020

Dear members,

Happy New Year!!!

Tentative Calendar

Michael will be managing the 2021 calendar until the new committee is elected. Below are tentative dates for VKR events. Please let us know of club based events so we can populate the activities for this year:

Mar 6th/7th – VKR Seminar and 3rd Kyu to 4th Dan Kendo Gradings; 6th Kyu – 4th Kyu grading opportunity for regional clubs

14th – VKR AGM

28th – Iaido/Jodo Gradings

Jul 25th – Iaido/Jodo Gradings
Aug Either one of the middle two weekends – VKC
Sept 12th – 2nd Dan and above Kendo Gradings*

27th/28th – UniSports (Gold Coast)

*kendo kyu gradings and 1st Dan grading details are pending (MOD review)

*5th Dan National Grading possibility – to be confirmed

Oct 9th/10th – Australian Masters Games (Perth)
Nov 28th – Iaido/Jodo Gradings

Other News

Item Notes
Club’s Return to Play Plan Need to file club’s return to play plan with VKR.
VKC 2021


Either the weekend of Wk2 or Wk3 of August subject to VU dates confirmation.
– Club-based grading 6thkyu to 4th kyu Training and information session is part of VKR seminar in March. Attendance at Training Seminar is encouraged for everyone and particularly important for clubs planning to run club-based gradings to train their:

–          Grading Panel members

–          Administrative helpers

–          Grading candidates

– 3rd kyu to 4th dan grading 7th March (5th dan grading unfeasible in March due to Covid related risks)

Registration Form to be distributed.

2021 VKR Seminar 6th, 7th March.

Free event.

Detailed program, Covid Safety and High Temperature Plan to be distributed.

VKR grading is part of the seminar.

2021 VKR Executive Committee news and election 2021 March AGM – Nominations open in early February. Michael, Kumie are planning to continue their service in the committee.

Nomination form to be distributed.

2021 VKTC appointment/election VKR wishes to thank Brett Smith, Ben Sheppard, Noriko Matsumoto, Peter Szwarcbord and Yakov Macak Senseis for their support and advice on the VKTC. Szwarcbord Sensei resigned earlier due to personal reasons. The VKTC tenure finished in June 2020, apologies for the belated notice.

VKR has appointed Yakov Macak and Yoichi Yano Senseis as acting members of VKTC to help us through this transition period until the next VKTC subcommittee can be appointed.

VKR is developing a three-year development plan with senseis’ assistance; one example project is coaching and skills development.

Nomination form to be distributed.

National Council Meeting Next meeting is 7th Feb. Document pack for meeting already distributed to members for review and comment.
Next VKR COM Meeting 14th Feb 2021 (online)

To be discussed:

–          AKR Covid Hardship Funding distribution

–          March Seminar

–          March Grading

–          Update on VKR Constitution Review

–          Sports Management System Review

Please email me any items you may wish to discuss at the meeting.


First Aid – CPR Refresher TBD (Feb?)

*** Please note that all planned are subject to last minute changes due to COVID situations. VKR endeavours to notify members ASAP of any changes to facilitate your planning.

Kind regards,


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