Statement of Position on ‘Team-lobbying in the Kendo Board Election’

Dear AKR members,

Team-lobbying in the Kendo Board Election

The National Executive (NE) is aware that there is a ‘team’ being proposed for the Kendo Board. We were approached by the ‘leader’ of the ‘team’ to have this advertised/promoted as such, and while it is not expressly prohibited in either the AKR Constitution or in the MoDs, the NE decided it would be unfair and prejudicial to the other candidates to use official channels to promote the group.

Having said that the NE did not and does not have the authority to dictate how individuals decide to run their election campaign. While the AKR could not stop them using their own communication resources to lobby the membership, we did stipulate that it should be made clear that:

1. While the group may share a common goal, they must be considered as individuals in this election;

2. They could not use official communication channels of the AKR to lobby

The AKR does not endorse any documents distributed by the group. We maintain that there should be fair and equal opportunities for all the nominees to stand in this election, and encourage the State/Territory Affiliates to follow this lead.

We stress that all members be made aware of this position and that the votes will be counted on an individual  basis and the majority votes will determine the five members of the new Kendo Board.

The NE also regards this matter as independent to the reason the election has been temporarily put on hold, as communicated to the membership in an AKR email dated 2 April 2021.


Stylianos (Stilts) Polichroniadis

Australian Kendo Renmei Inc.

Post:     11 Princess Street
Coburg North, VIC 3058
Email:   [email protected]

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