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Hi all,

Below this bunch of text is information about the online seminars held by Nittaidai happening in the near future. If you would like to attend, please register before the 23rd May to get a special VKR discount!

You will have to register directly with the VKR (and not through the club)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email or ask someone during trainings!


—————————– Message from VKR President —————————–

Dear all,

The online Kendo magazine, Kendo Jidai, is holding a number of online seminars over the coming months in partnership with the Nippon Sports Science University (Nittaidai). (Further background material is at the bottom of this email.)

As many of you would know, the VKR has a long history with Nittaidai and Nittaidai Sensei have previously conducted seminars in Melbourne.

The first online seminar will be held on Saturday, 5 June 2021 at 10:00-11:30am (Melbourne time).

The seminar will be conducted by the following three Sensei, who have all previously visited Melbourne:

  • Yagisawa Makoto, Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan, head instructor of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club, Vice President of the Nippon Sport Science University.
  • Furusawa Nobuaki, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, Director and Men’s Manager of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club.
  • Shinzato Chikano, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan, coach of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club women’s team
    Further details regarding the seminar are available here: LINK

The ‘standard’ seminar price is 2000 Yen (~$25AUD) for members of the general public. However, to support VKR members attend this event, the VKR will be subsidising part of the seminar fee and offering a discounted price of $15AUD.

To access the special VKR member price, you must complete the following steps by 23 May 2021:

  1. Register your details with Kendo Jidai and include “VKR” in your name (e.g. “Michael Dunn (VKR)”): LINK
  2. Pay your registration fee to the VKR via the VKR online store: LINK

Do not pay Kendo Jidai directly. You only need to pay the VKR.

The VKR will then pay the full fees to Kendo Jidai on behalf of the VKR members. Once registered, you will receive the seminar Zoom link and a pre-Seminar video from Kendo Jidai directly.

Please contact the VKR if you have any questions.


Background Articles

Examples of articles by these Sensei and that may be covered at the Seminar are available at Kendo Jidai:

“The Complete Shinai Manipulation Guide”  by Yagisawa Makoto

“Seme Footwork (Ashi-sabaki)” by Furusawa Nobuaki
English :LINK

Kendo Article by Shinzato Chikano
English :LINK

Michael Dunn
Victorian Kendo Renmei
0438 745 735

Monash University Kendo Club

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