Weekly MUKC update – Week 12

AKR/VKR Membership renewal/registration ~!

It has come to the time of the year where we all have to renew our memberships (or register). The last day to renew/register for a membership is 7 June 2021 (11:59pm). As mentioned in a previous email, the AKR/VKR membership fees have increased to:

  • Senior/Adults: $85
  • Juniors/Under 18: $50

If you have any questions about the membership, don’t hesitate to send in an email or ask a senior during training!

To register, head over to our Unione site and scroll to the bottom of the webpage (or click on the Store option tab), then select either “Kendo 2021 VKR Membership JUNIOR” or “Kendo 2021 VKR Membership SENIOR” depending on whether you are under 18 or not.
Then follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the membership!


VKR Special General Meeting Notice

Dear all,

Notice of Special General Meeting
The VKR Secretary gives notice that a Special General Meeting of the Victorian Kendo Renmei Incorporated will be held at 2pm on Sunday 20 June 2021.

The meeting will be held online using Google Meet at the following link: [ PRIVATE ]
The agenda and meeting papers are attached to this email. (6 x PDF, 1 x Word)

  • Item 1 – Attachment 1 – VKR Rules of Association V1.5 – 22 May 2021 – clean.pdf
  • Item 1 – Attachment 2 – VKR Rules of Association V1.5 – 22 May 2021 – mark-up.docx
  • Item 1 – Attachment 3 – Current Rules of the Victorian Kendo Renmei.pdf
  • Item 1 – Attachment 4 – VKR Rules Comparison Table (V1.5).pdf
  • VKR 2021 SGM – Item 1 – Proposed New VKR Rules of Association.pdf
  • VKR 2021 SGM – Item 1 – Proposed New VKR Rules of Association.pdf
  • VKR 2021 SGM Minutes 16 May 2021.docx.pdf

The purpose of the meeting is to seek endorsement of the proposed new rules of the VKR as set out in the attached supporting papers.

Members may appoint a proxy by emailing the VKR Secretary by 4pm on Saturday 12 June 2021, including the following:

  • The member’s name and current VKR (AKR) ID number, and
  • The name and VKR (AKR) ID number of the member appointed as proxy

Note: As per the VKR rules, proxy votes may only be cast where a poll is required.

If any members would like to propose an amendment to the proposed new rules, they should do so by emailing the VKR Secretary by 4pm on Sunday 6 June 2021. Any proposed amendments will be voted on at the SGM as required.

Any comments, concerns or questions about the above process and the proposed new rules should be directed to Michael Dunn, VKR President ([email protected])

Kindest Regards,
Victor Segnan
VKR Secretary
M: 0409 511 054


VKR Monthly Kendo Training

There is another email that was sent out along with this newsletter with information about the monthly Kendo training on the first Friday of every month.
A basic summary is that they are restarting the training session again and all the info about it is in that email 😀


No Saturday training on the 5th June!

We don’t have a Saturday training session on next week’s Saturday due to clashes with other events held in Monash Sport 🙁


Come early to put on bogu and men [Beginners]

Please be ready early so we can help you get into your bogu/men!


30th Anniversary preparation! [Seniors]

We’re holding our 30th Anniversary at the end of the year! We need a lot of volunteers to help plan and prepare for the event. If you are able to help out, please reply to this email or let one of the committee members know.


This week’s training times/events and location


  • Seniors, Kids and Beginners Training, 6pm – 8pm
    Location: Games Hall


  • Seniors, Kids and Beginners Training, 6pm – 8pm
    Location: Games Hall


  • Seniors Training, 9:30am – 11am
    Location: Stadium
  • Beginners Training, 11am – 12pm
    Location: Stadium


Wearing Tenugui/Men

Here’s a good video that has a how-to on wearing tenugui and advice on wearing Men:
How to Wear Your Kendo Men: The Finer Points


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, feel free to let us know!
If the formatting does not work on your device, please let us know so we can fix it in the next email 🙂
Some links:
Past photo/video storage [ PRIVATE ]
Our website


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