Online sessions

Hi all,

Online sessions have returned due to the lockdown 🙁 Here are the following times for the online sessions:

  • Saturday, 5pm – 6pm
    For beginners but anyone can show up
  • Monday, 6pm – 7pm
  • Wednesday, 6pm – 7pm

The sessions will be held via Google Meet like before. Please be warmed up when the training starts! And please make sure the area you choose to do suburi is free of obstructions or anything dangerous.

Link: [ PRIVATE ]
Code: [ PRIVATE ]

Hope to see you there!

Note: There’s a document attached in this email about suburi at home. This document was created by Yano-sensei and Matsumoto-sensei last year during the pandemic. Please make sure the area around you is free of obstructions before you start swinging (and if you are a junior, make sure you have someone to watch over you!)

COVID Exposure sites


Monash University Kendo Club

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