Weekly MUKC update – Swotvac Week 1

AKR/VKR Membership renewal/registration~!

[Everyone including juniors/children should register]

It has come to the time of the year where we all have to renew our memberships (or register). The last day to renew/register for a membership is 7 June 2021 (11:59pm). As mentioned in a previous email, the AKR/VKR membership fees have increased to:

  • Senior/Adults: $85
  • Juniors/Under 18: $50

If you have any questions about the membership, don’t hesitate to send in an email or ask a senior during training!

To register, head over to our Unione site and scroll to the bottom of the webpage (or click on the Store option tab), then select either “Kendo 2021 VKR Membership JUNIOR” or “Kendo 2021 VKR Membership SENIOR” depending on whether you are under 18 or not.
Then follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the membership!


Training at home

As we have transitioned back to online mode once again, this Monday and Wednesday trainings (31/05 and 2/06) will be online.

More information about physical/online training on Saturday/next week will be shared closer to those dates.

DHHS Website link


Election results: AKR Kendo Board 2021-2024

Congratulations to Cyntheia!!!

——Message from AKR Secretary——
Dear AKR Members,
Complying with section 8.2 of the AKR Constitution, an election was held earlier for the AKR Kendo Board.
Please find the results in the attached letter from the AKR President.

Document titled: Kendo Board 21_24.pdf

Kind regards,
Sioh-Yang Tan
Australian Kendo Renmei
E: akrsecretary@kendoaustralia.asn.au
W: www.kendoaustralia.asn.au


30th Anniversary preparation! [Seniors]

We’re holding our 30th Anniversary at the end of the year! We need a lot of volunteers to help plan and prepare for the event. If you are able to help out, please reply to this email or let one of the committee members know.


Side note

Good luck to all studying for their exams!


This week’s training times/events and location


  • Online Training, 6pm – 7pm
    Location: Google Meet
    Meeting Link: [ PRIVATE ]
    Meeting code: [ PRIVATE ]


  • Online Training, 6pm – 7pm
    Location: Google Meet
    Meeting Link: [ PRIVATE ]
    Meeting code: [ PRIVATE ]


  • TBC


Training exercises to do at home

Here is a link to a video on training at home. An extremely rough translation is 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 second of rest, and repeat with the different exercises said in the video.

HIIT Suburi

P.S. You can check the document titled “Kendo Exercise at Home – Monash.docx” attached in this email from Yano-sensei and Matsumoto-sensei for more exercises too.


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, feel free to let us know!
If the formatting does not work on your device, please let us know so we can fix it in the next email 🙂
Some links:
Past photo/video storage
Our website

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