Weekly MUKC update – Exam week 3

Mony – Please check your emails for all related documents.


Training at Monash on Monday

Monash has alotted a slot for us to train on Mondays from 5-7pm. BUT there is a 30 attendee limit! We will release a form a few days prior to the training which you can fill to claim a spot!

Training schedule and location can be found in this week’s training/event schedule.

If you attended this week’s training and have not filled in the attendance form, please fill it in at this link.


COVID guidelines from Monash and VKR

Guidelines from Monash and VKR:

  • You are required to scan the Government QR code before entering Monash Sport as well as scan the attendance check at the entrance to the hall.
  • Do not attend training if you are unwell or have any symptoms – however mild.
  • Sharing of equipment should be limited where possible. Disinfect any shared equipment after usage.
  • Face masks are mandatory in all training situations.
  • Mandatory use of your men face shield in addition to the face mask.
  • Any incidents/positive cases must be reported to Monash Sport as soon as practical.
  • Inter-club trainings are not allowed (or in other words, no visitors and no visiting)
  • Access is limited to the number of people required to participate in and facilitate club training (Players, coaches, trainers, support staff).

Please follow the above guidelines to keep everyone and you safe!

If you are eligible, the VKR recommends that you get vaccinated. To book a vaccine appointment you can follow this link.


Shinpan seminars and modified Tsubazeriai rules

The rules for Tsubazeriai are modified for COVID. You can read about the modified rules in the document attached in this email. These rules have been adapted from the ZNKR rules currently in place. These rules will stay throughout the pandemic. This is all thanks to Yano-sensei and Sugimoto-sensei!
Document: COVID Modified Tsubazeriai Rules.docx

Additionally, the VKTC is holding a Shinpan seminar on the 4th July and 1st August. They are asking all kendoka 4 Dan and above plus 3 Dans who have reasonable proficiency and experience as shinpan are to attend this Seminar. Two or three kendoka ( 1kyu – 2 Dan) from each club are also requested to attend as shiaisha.

Further information about this seminar can be found in the accompanying email.

If you are eligible and want to participate, please reply to the accompanying email with your name, grade and whether you are attending as a Shinpan or Shiaisha. Registrations close on the 24th June.


Draft document of registration for the 39th VKC

Below is a message from the VKR President about this, the associated document is attached in this email as: 39th VKC Info Sheet – Draft (210617).pdf

The Victorian Kendo Championships is scheduled for 14-15 August 2021. Subject to continuing easing in COVID-19 restrictions, the VKR expects we will be able to hold this event.

The VKR and VKTC has prepared the attached draft information document setting out the registration process, eligibility, competition format and shiai rules to provide clubs with advance notice regarding some of the key changes to this year’s competition and rule changes as a result of COVID.

Key points to note:

  • Only Adult Members of the VKR/AKR are eligible to enter competitions (minimum age of 18 as of 1 July 2021)
  • Changes to minimum grade requirements for team competitions
  • Changes to tsubazeriai shiai rules due to COVID
  • Updated rules regarding Kendo-gu
  • Updated shinai specification rules

We encourage club instructors to review these rules and ensure they are communicated to your members. Further information will be distributed shortly from the VKTC regarding the upcoming shinpan seminar where some of these topics will be covered.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you think anything needs clarification in the document, please contact Michael Dunn ([email protected]).

Please note that the final version of the attached document, including notification of the opening of registration process will be sent out in the coming weeks, with registration due by 23 July 2021.

Kind regards,
Michael Dunn
Victorian Kendo Renmei
0438 745 735


Discord Games Night

This Saturday we will be holding an online Games Night! This will be held on Discord, what will be played will be decided closer to the day though!

Where: Discord! Here’s the invite link: [ PRIVATE ]
When: Saturday; Time: TBC

How to join a Discord server


This week’s trainings/events


  • Physical Training, 5pm – 7pm
    Location: Games Hall


  • Online Training, 6pm – 7pm
    Location: Google Meet
    Meeting Link: [ PRIVATE ]
    Meeting code: [ PRIVATE ]


  • TBC (Check Discord and Facebook for information!)
  • Discord Games Night!
    Location: Discord
    Server link: [ PRIVATE ]


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, feel free to let us know!
If the formatting does not work on your device, please let us know so we can fix it in the next email 🙂
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