MUKC Nafuda (name tag) order – Due 21 July 2021

Hi all,

The committee is going to put through a nafuda/ zekken (i.e. name tag which goes over your tare) order for those of you who are yet to have one or need a new one.

As usual, MUKC’s nafuda will follow the Australian Kendo Renmei’s specifications which are below. Also see attached photo of real life example.

Having a nafuda is necessary for you to compete in any event. If you are going to VKC, you will need one.

To place an order for a nafuda, please purchase on Unione ( Each nafuda will cost $41 ($40 for nafuda and $1 for Braintree transaction fees).

In your unione product order, please provide your Full Name (VKR), Surname, and Family name in either kanji (traditional Chinese character) or in katakana (Japanese characters for english words). For example:

Full Name (VKR), Surname (Nafuda), Nafuda Characters
Noriko Matsumoto, MATSUMOTO, 松本
Ana Patricia Torrevillas, TORREVILLAS, トレビリアス

If you are unsure about what characters to use, please consult a committee member.

Last day we will take orders and payments – 21 July 2021. No late payment.

Chai Lam

Monash University Kendo Club

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