COVID Impact on Victorian Kendo Championships and other VKR Events

Hi all,

Due to the lockdown, the VKR has sent an announcement regarding the possible postponement of a few events (listed below). Please have a read through.
As noted, they will formally send out an email on the 25th July (today) regarding the VKC.

Some things to note:

  • The Shinpan seminar will not be held on 1 August. Further information and details will be provided soon.
  • The 5th Dan Kendo grading to be held on the 12th September will not be held. Further information and details will be provided soon.

MUKC Committee

Monash University Kendo Club

Dear all,

Due to the extension of the Victorian COVID-19 lockdown and current case numbers, the VKR Executive met with VKTC representatives and MUKEN (as VKC host club) to discuss the viability of a number of VKR events currently scheduled for the coming months, in particular the Victorian Kendo Championships on 14-15 August 2021. An update on each event is provided below.

Victorian Kendo Championships (14-15 August 2021)
Based on an assessment of the factors, the VKR considers it is highly unlikely that the VKC will be held on 14-15 August 2021. The factors considered include:

  • potential extension of Victorian lockdown and/or ongoing restrictions to indoor community sports
  • risks of COVID transmission at the event
  • limited opportunity for clubs to train in the lead up to the event increasing the risk of injury to competitors
  • likelihood of reduced entries

The VKR will formally notify all clubs no later than Sunday 25 July.

The VKR is considering postponing the VKC to a later date in 2021. However, this will require a more stable COVID situation and availability of a suitable venue. The VKR will provide further information on the likelihood of a postponed or alternative event by mid September 2021.

The VKR will seek to use the entries submitted by 23 July 2021 to support VKR planning for a potentially postponed event. In the situation that the event is cancelled entirely, all entry fees will be reimbursed to the club or individual as per the relevant payment method. If you have any concerns about this approach please let the VKR know.

Shinpan Seminar (1 August 2021)
Given the VKC is unlikely to proceed under current Covid restrictions, the Shinpan Seminar will not be held on 1 August 2021.

In the meantime, VKTC will continue working on shiai/shinpan procedures to be adopted under Covid environment and will distribute them to each club when they are ready.

AKR 5th Dan Kendo Grading (12 September 2021)
The Kendo Board and AKR have advised that due to the COVID situation, the 5th Dan Kendo Grading scheduled for 12 September 2021 at Monash University will be postponed. Further information and details will be advised in due course.

VKR Kendo Gradings (September)
Whilst no decision has been made on VKR Kendo Gradings (6th Kyu – 4th Dan) or Club-based gradings in September, the VKR/VKTC will continue to plan on the basis that we can hold these events.

If you have any comments or concerns, please get in touch with Michael Dunn, VKR President (
Please stay safe.

Michael Dunn
Victorian Kendo Renmei
0438 745 735

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