FW: Kendo: Recent AJKF shiai and shinpan rules in relation to COVID19

Hi all,

Here’s a message from the VKR regarding shiai and shinpan rules in relation to COVID19.


Dear All,

Please see below communique from Kendo Board Chair:

Kendo: Recent AJKF shiai and shinpan rules in relation to COVID19


— Forwarded message —

Dear State and Territory Affiliates,

Please receive the below YouTube video entitled ‘Provisional shiai and shinpan rules in place until the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control’ issued by AJKF’ on 21 September 2021, for your reference with regard to shiai management in the future.


While the rules are used at domestic events in Japan, these rules may be considered as a useful reference for shiai management in Australia when the AKR and Stage/Territory Affiliates become confident that shiai events can be held safely in accordance with various requirements and recommendations. Please review the video and provide feedback so that the Kendo Board can improve technical aspects of Kendo in Australia.

Please contact kendoboard@kendoaustralia.asn.au if you have questions or queries.

Kind regards,

Takashi Itakura PhD
Kendo Board Chair

— End of Forwarded message —


Kindest Regards,
Victor Segnan
VKR Secretary
M: 0409 511 054

Victorian Kendo Renmei


Monash University Kendo Club

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