Fwd: VKR Newsletter November 2021: COVID Update, Ballarat Taikai, VKR end-of-year Keiko and Social, Membership Reminder

Hey all,

See below the most recent VKR newsletter, including details on how to register for VKR membership.

Sorry for how late this was forwarded. The committee is taking steps to make sure we are more on top of correspondence in the future.

Toney Evans


Dear all,

With restrictions easing and Victoria getting back to ‘normal’, the VKR event calendar is once again filling up.

Please see below updates and pass on to your club members.

1. COVID Update

Following the Victorian Government’s easing of restrictions last week, please see below update on COVID guidelines.

All of the VKR’s COVID-safe Training Guidelines continue to apply, except that masks are no longer required indoors.

General COVID-Safe Training Guidelines

VKR is recommending that Clubs use the following guidelines:

  • Do not attend training if you are unwell or have any symptoms – however mild.
  • Regularly check the list of Exposure Sites and follow Victorian Department of Health advice:
    • https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus
  • In-person training permitted under Victorian Government guidelines and providing that your club’s COVID-safe plans are implemented and adhered to.
    • Please follow your respective training venue’s guidelines, vaccination requirements and density limits.
  • Government QR Check-in Code is mandatory
  • For Kendo, use of men face shield (full or half shield as determined by clubs) is optional for vaccinated Kendo-ka and mandatory for unvaccinated Kendo-ka with a medical exemption

The VKR expects the above guidelines will apply for VKR events, but will be confirmed prior to the event.


2. Ballarat Taikai

The Ballarat Kendo Taikai will be held on 5 December 2021.

An online briefing will be held for all shinpan and shiai-sha intending to attend at 2pm on 28 November 2021 to provide an overview of COVID-specific rules

Meeting Link: [ Mony – Check your email ]


3. VKR State Council

Reminder that a VKR State Council Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday 28 November 2021.

Agenda and papers have been distributed to all clubs. (Note there was an error in the original email which said the meeting was Saturday. The meeting is Sunday 28 November 2021.)

Meeting Link:[ Mony – Check your email ]


4. VKR End-of-Year Keiko and Social Night

The VKR will be holding an end of year kendo keiko at the Kenshikan on Friday 10 December 2021.

Dojo will open from 6.30pm, with free keiko to run from 7.00-8.00pm. There will be no charge for attendees.

Training will be followed by a casual dinner with location to be confirmed. Members of ALL arts are welcome to attend the dinner.

To support catering, please register your attendance here: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/vkr/events/121940/

(Note: To register, you will need to login using your Revsport username and password. Contact your Club Secretary if you do not have these details.)

Please note the following COVID policies apply:

  • Double vaccinated members only (unless medical exemption applies)
  • No face masks or men shields required
  • QR Check-in on arrival


5. Membership Renewals

A reminder that membership renewals for returning members are now overdue.

Members wishing to grade in March 2022, must register or renew their membership by 15 December 2021 in order to be eligible.

Half-year memberships (1 Jan 2022-30 June 2022) are available for new members only.

All memberships should now be processed through your RevSport Club Portal (or VKR Portal for those clubs without a Club Portal). Further details regarding this process will be provided to Club Secretaries in the near future.

An overview of the Membership Renewal timelines is attached for Club and Member reference. [ Mony – Check your email for this pdf ]

Kind regards,

Michael Dunn

VKR President

Monash University Kendo Club

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