Fwd: Update to Kyu Grading Requirements for March grading

[originally sent via email Thu 17/02/2022]


Hi all,

I’ve attached an email from the VKR regarding the upcoming grading.



———- Forwarded message ———

Dear All,

Please note the following regarding the upcoming Kendo Kyu Grading Requirements:

Kyu Grading Requirements will in general follow the AKR Manual of Documents 2.3.3 (see attached).

However the following changes will apply:

  • No Kakari Geiko for 2nd/1st kyus for this grading
  • Bokutoniyoru Kendo Kihonwaza Keikoho (BKKH) will be performed irrespective of the result of Jitsugi exams
  • Candidates will only be required to perform BKKH either as Kakarite or Motodachi

Please disregard the previously distributed “Kyu Grading Requirements” document in the earlier email. Apologies for any confusion.

Please get in touch if Clubs need any clarification with requirements for this Grading.

Kindest regards,

Michael Dunn

Victorian Kendo Renmei

0438 745 735

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