2019 VKC

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Monash University Kendo Club is with Emily Coady and 10 others.
August 11 ·
Annnnddd it’s over (at least till next August). Some wins, some losses, lots of fun and a great learning experience for all our members. We will be back stronger next year!

Women’s Kyu Individuals
Ana Torrevillas – 3rd place

Women’s Dan Individuals
Cyntheia Lim, Hoey Yein Goh – equal 3rd place

Men’s Kyu Team – 2nd place
Brian Te
Jorge Linares
Samuel Gan
Toney Evans

Veterans Individuals – 1st place
Kazuya Kimura

Women’s Kyu Team – 2nd place
Ana Torrevillas
Fiona Zhang

Women’s Dan Team – 1st place
Emily Coady
Hoey Yein Goh
Cyntheia Lim
Kaori Dimovski

Fighting spirit award
Toney Evans